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The Velika Mattress

Expert craftsmanship: foundation, mattress, duvet.


The Velika Mattress

Made by women for women.

Tradition, Quality and Design come to mind when one thinks Velika. Rooted in traditional craftsmanship and unique design, the Velika bed is truly a wonder. Using only recyclable and environmentally friendly materials, you’ll sleep well not only on the most comfortable bed, but also knowing that your purchase is protecting the environment. These are just some of the reasons why Mattress Express is proud to offer their products and encourages you to come to one of our many locations in upstate New York to try one for yourself!

Velika Craftsmanship

The Velika mattress is two-sided and manufactured the traditional way, hand tufted. Tufts that are pulled through the mattress in intervals and secured on each end is the process of Hand Tufting. This old process allows the surface to feel relaxed and conform to your body when you lay down. Not many companies use this unique method any longer because of the time and dedication it takes, but here at Velika, we pour every aspect of detail and quality into your night’s sleep.

Velika Mattress Ingredients

Did you know that the Velika bed uses only organic and recyclable materials including cotton, wool and latex?

  • The wool we use is pure and organic, straight from New Zealand. Infused with White Jasmine flora for the softest fabric, our wool is completely breathable, moisture wicking and controls humidity assisting with your body’s natural temperature regulation.
  • The cotton used is breathable and naturally cool, acting as a thermal barrier. Another comforting factor is that it provides the softness and give in the material, that lends toward the relaxed feel when lying down.
  • Talalay Latex is extracted from the rubber tree, making our mattresses naturally elastic and durable. The latex is also dust-mite free and antimicrobial, helping to keep your mattress long lasting and supple through the years.

The Velika MattressThree-Piece Ensemble

Unlike most mattress the Velika is a 3 piece ensemble including the mattress, duvet and foundation.

  • The Mattress itself is Hand Tufted and Two-Sided. Manually driving tufts and securing the ends make for a superior kind of craftsmanship and durability. Using only the finest and most natural materials delivers to you a relaxing and comfortable nights sleep while making you an eco-friendly customer as well.
  • On top of your mattress has the included Duvet.  Your choice of two comfort levels, from Ultra Plush to Medium Firm, polishes off the surface of your mattress. The mattress top is 100% sustainable using a combination of our cotton, Talalay Latex and New Zealand wool and rayon.  If you later on decide you’re body is craving a firmer feel, you can simply flip the duvet over to the medium firm side whoever you desire. This duvet mattress top is truly customized to meet your needs.
  • The Foundation not only features all-natural materials but also includes a support layer encasing the LifeEdge™ coil unit. This unit includes side rails of narrow diameter Quantum coils, while at the head and foot of the bed, steel coils are placed to provide support.

The Velika Mattress comes in size a for all including

  • Twin XL
  • Queen
  • King

And can be found at any of our Mattress Express locations.

The Velika Warranty

The Velika Mattress comes with a 15 year warranty, while the duvet itself has a 5 year warranty; other options include fully replacing or repairing any mattress that shows signs of a defect. If that’s not enough to help you sleep soundly, measured that if the same materials are not available during your mattresses repair or replacement, Velika will use materials equal to or better than the original quality.

This is truly the dream bed for all of the naturalists and environmental enthusiasts in today’s world. The essence of nature is woven into every fiber and shown through its quality and durability.

In a world all too focused on progression and development, let this mattress sooth you back to simplistic nature while also saving it as well.

The only way to truly experience the real effect of the Velika Bed is to come to one of our upstate New York locations and test it out for yourself! With knowledgeable and understanding associates, we can have you on your way to a better nights sleep in no time! We offer financing and delivery, making your selection and purchase the most pleasant mattress shopping experience you’ve ever had!

  • The Velika Bed
    The Velika Bed
    Starting at $6,999.98

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