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Personal Comfort

You will never regret buying a Personal Comfort mattress.
A Better Smart Bed, A Better Price

Personal Comfort®

Personal Comfort’s History

Personal Comfort® was founded by Craig Miller and Scott Stenzel. Both began working in childhood, Craig building mattresses with his family and Scott building e-commerce sites. With Craig’s knowledge of high-quality mattresses and Scott’s knowledge of marketing, Personal Comfort was born.

This was only a few years ago, but their manufacturing partner and sister company, American National Manufacturing, Inc., began manufacturing innovative mattresses in 1972. Led by Craig’s parents, they introduced the world to The Original Smart Bed® In 1988. Wilbur Ridge Jr. and Lloyd Everard invented it, and Craig Miller Sr. manufactured the mattress by combining an adjustable air mattress and numbered dial. American National Manufacturing’s history of innovation in perfecting air-adjustable beds for home and medical use is the foundation on which Personal Comfort was made. Following four decades of engineering, the Personal Comfort mattress now combines quality materials, time-tested innovation, and expert knowledge in mattress manufacturing for both consumer and medical markets. It provides sleepers with the industry’s highest quality, the most robust warranty, and the best value Smart Bed out there.

Personal Comfort Today

Personal Comfort believes that you should be able to customize your comfort individually. They developed adjustable mattresses that do just that. With the latest features and benefits, and patent and patent pending technology, you will not find a comparable mattress anywhere else. 

The sleep specialists at Mattress Express will demonstrate the Personal Comfort Rejuvenation Series, R-13, or R-15 and help you adjust the mattress to find your ideal sleep number. This will help improve the way you sleep in the days to come. The Rejuvenation series is a temperature neutralizing line that helps revive your body throughout the night.

Unique Features of the Personal Comfort Brand

The Personal Comfort mattress is designed in the U.S., so virtually every component is upgradeable, swappable and replaceable, starting with a simple interchangeable zipper. It should be the last mattress you’ll ever need to buy. Personal Comfort uses steel-coil-reinforced air hoses on all their mattress models, making them difficult to kink or accidentally crush. Their check valves allow you to disconnect each hose from the air pump without deflating the air chambers. The air unit and sleep system are Bluetooth compatible, making your entire bed system easy to navigate. They use only polyurethane foam approved by the independent CertiPur-US® certification program. That means it’s made without harmful ingredients and doesn’t give off harmful emissions. Personal Comfort uses fabric-wrapped foam rails to surround the air chambers, allowing them to be locked together in a simple but effective way. It simplifies the setup of your bed and allows the air chambers to move independently of each other.

Purchasing a Personal Comfort Bed

Come to any of our Mattress Express locations to test out the Personal Comfort R-13 or Personal Comfort R-15 models for yourself. You can also examine the quality of their construction by unzipping the cover and inspecting each component. If you purchase a Personal Comfort bed, within a few nights your body will tell you which number is best for your body to achieve optimal sleep. Congratulate yourself on making the best Smart Bed purchase!


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