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Posh+Lavish™ uses only the finest materials to design and create truly extravagant mattresses.

Posh+Lavish™ Luxury Mattresses

The ultimate luxury is sleep. The purest form is letting our body and mind enter a state of calm and tranquility. But for our body to do this, there needs to be a physiological balance to achieve this. Posh+Lavish's dramatic design and engineering facilitates that balance allowing the muscles to relax, sleep and rejuvenate through the night

Are you someone who desires and embraces the finer things in life? Your bedroom should be no exception, especially when it comes to luxury, comfort, and style. We’ve come a long way in almost every aspect of lifestyle since the medieval times. And yet, the bed we sleep in every night often isn’t at the center of prioritizing as it once was.

At one time, the bed chambers made the biggest statement about a person’s status; the bigger the bed and the finer the chambers, the more money, power, and importance a person had. This symbolic representation of the importance of bedroom embodies the luxury and quality Posh+Lavish™ reaches for. Posh+Lavish has not lost touch with the concept of the “bed chambers” being the most important room in the house and the quality of its contents ought to be carefully thought out.

Posh+Lavish™ Core Values

  • The Product and the People: We provide the best of the best in material and quality and put the same amount of attention and dedication into building relationships with our customers
  • Our Passion and Purpose: Our drive and dedication is what makes us sleep enthusiasts. We put our heart and soul into our designs knowing the outcome will be a more energized and enthusiastic world
  • Day and Night: We design our products knowing that what we create for you to use at night, will positively make your day
  • Growth and Give Back: We want to be the brand that our customers tell their friends about and then we strive to be the brand that gives a little back.

Dramatic. Luxurious. Detail

The ultimate luxury is sleep. The purest form is letting our body and mind enter a state of calm and tranquility. But for our body to do this, there needs to be a physiological balance to achieve this. Posh+Lavish’s dramatic design and engineering facilitates that balance allowing the muscles to relax, sleep and rejuvenate through the night. We’ve accomplished this by creating a floating design that is buoyant and weightless. The top of our mattresses are never quilted or made up of fiber that will wear over time. Each of our mattresses are made by hand from skilled craftsmen in California.

Posh+Lavish™ Donates/Pays it Forward

Sleep better with peace of mind knowing that Posh+Lavish™ gives back donating 25% of profits to CURE International, a group of hospitals and programs that provide healing. This network provides treatment to children who suffer from bow legs, clubfoot, hydrocephalus and cleft lip. For more information and to see the kids, visit

Posh+Lavish™ uses only the finest materials to design and create truly extravagant mattresses.

  • The material we use to create our mattress cover is Tencel™-faced fabric. It is made up of wood pulp, and with the help of nanotechnology, it is amazingly supple, durable and moisture absorbent
  • Moisture wicking material helps regulate body temperature, keeping you warm during the colder months and cool on those hot summer nights
  • Wool is used to surround all four sides of the mattress between two layers of all natural, knitted cotton. Our mattresses are antimony and boric acid free
  • Latex that is naturally infused and long lasting, Oeko-Tex certified, and put together using non toxic, certified water-based glue.

Not only do we sell numerous models, but here at Posh+Lavish™ we offer pillows and pillow-top toppers as well. Our models all come in sizes Twin XL, Full, Queen, King and California King and include a 10 year warranty. Our model categories include:

  • Latex offers six different models to meet your complete comfort needs including the Relax, Restore, Reveal, Refine, Release and Reawaken
  • Pocket Sprung offers five different models that include springs and more of firm support system including the Premier, Prominence, Preeminence, Predominant and Prestige
  • Latex and Memory Foam includes three top quality models offering the best of both worlds to give you the best sleep of your life including the Flow, Flux and Fusion

Our custom Posh+Lavish™ pillow embodies the finest details possible for a completely latex pillow. Cocooned in four way stretch TencelⓇ-faced fabric that weighs only 602 grams, it is amazingly soft, breathable and cooler than linen.

Our Posh+Lavish™ Pillow-Top Toppers come in 2” and 3” and is made completely of latex. It’s durable and lightweight, at only 602 grams and is Oeko Tex certified. They come in all mattress sizes.

Posh+Lavish™ Mattress Models


The Relax mattress is “in a class all its own”. Posh+Lavish™ has outdone itself with its embellished design and detail. It is a medium-firm mattress made of Oeko Tex certified latex that provides support wherever needed. It comes with a layer of fire-retardant cotton and wool, and a lightweight Tencel Faced fabric. The perfect mattress for someone who likes a sturdier bed with a little give as well! The Relax model gives you just that, letting your stress melt away when you lay down. The Relax mattress comes in sizes Twin XL, Full, Queen, King and California King. Each mattress also comes with a 20 year warranty.


The Restore mattress is what you need when your body is drained from the day and a comforting and restorative night’s rest is all you can dream of. This Posh+Lavish™ Medium mattress is perfect for someone who prefers a little bit of both plush and support. It’s durable latex support and fire-retardant material of cotton and wool make this mattress one that lasts. It’s unique design is truly a representation of “Modern Luxury”. For someone with back pain and other aches and pains, this mattress helps “restore” your body so you wake up feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. The Restore Mattress comes in sizes Twin XL, Full, Queen, King and California King. It includes the 20 year warranty.


Posh+Lavish™ went above and beyond with the Reveal mattress. Unveiled as an “Unforgettable Experience”, it truly lives up to its name. One night on this bed will prove it to you! For the ultimate comfort, this Plush mattress will have you drifting away to sweet dreams in no time. Made up of Oeko Tex certified Latex and the most luxurious cotton and fabric, with a fire-retardant layer of cotton and wool included, and a light-weight Tencel-Faced fabric. You can expect to have your worries, aches and pains melt away as you lay down on this bed. It comes in sizes Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, California King and includes the 20 year warranty as well.


Are you someone who upon getting into bed, loves the feel of slowly sinking into a sea of softness and comfort? Look no further because this Ultra Plush mattress does just that! Describing this mattress is amazingly “Beyond Words” and could only be truly portrayed accurately by coming down to one our many Mattress Express locations and testing it out for yourself. Designed using only the best cotton and fabric, its support and material is made up and intertwined with Oeko Tex certified latex. Including a fire-retardant layer of wool and cotton, it also contains a light-weight Tencel-Faced fabric. The Reveal comes in a size for everyone including Twin XL, Full, Queen, King and California King. As with all of our mattresses, there is a 20 year warranty to put your mind at ease and help you sleep even better at night. So come try it out for yourself and let our friendly and personable staff help you take home the best bed you’ll ever have!


This mattress has double the standards of a Plush mattress. Posh+Lavish™ created a mattress that exuberates comfort. The Release is not only plush in the mattress itself, but included in its design is a true pillow top. You’ll feel as if you’re lying on a cloud and all your stress and worries are floating away. With the Release you can figuratively and literally “Immerse yourself” in this mattress. Constructed of soft cotton and fabric including Oeko Tex certified latex, and encased in lightweight Tencel-Faced fabric, true comfort and satisfaction is a guarantee. Including the fire-retardant top layer of wool and cotton, this mattress defies the limits of expectation with an attached plush pillow top. Available in sizes Twin XL, Full, Queen, King and California King, there’s a bed for everyone. Always included is our 20 year warranty.


Posh+Lavish™ ultimate design in quality and comfort. The absolute best in stress release, pressure alleviating true comfort is the Reawaken mattress. Designed with a pillow top as well, this mattress is Ultra Plush giving the most incredible and relaxing night’s sleep. Imagine lying in a boat, floating on a sea of quiet, still surroundings. Let your worries, stress and pain drain from your body and float of into the abyss. You’ll truly feel as if gravity has released its hold and you’re levitating in a atmosphere of soft cotton and fabric. Made up of our Oeko Tex certified latex and a fire-retardant layer of wool and cotton, the pillow top upon this ultra plush bed is what melts life’s worries. Laying down on the lightweight Tencel-Faced fabric and knowing that your bed comes with a 20 year warranty should be enough to lull your mind and body into a deep blissful sleep. A size that meets everyone’s needs including Twin XL, Full, Queen, King and California King means there’s no excuses not to have this bed.

Finding the Right Posh+Lavish Mattress for you

There are almost 10,000 mattress stores nationwide and hundreds more online. It is not overwhelming to find a mattress anymore. It can be hard to find the mattress that is right for you as there are many considerations to take into account. Some of those include comfort, cost, and overall health benefits. Additionally, environmental and lifestyle choices may come into play during your search. This is why Posh+Lavish was created. It offers sleepers a bed that is ergonomically engineered to give your body and spine the support it needs to recover or just to relax

Finding the right Posh+Lavish mattress will require research. Your research should include online reviews, speaking with a trusted mattress expert and testing it for yourself. Excellent comfort and sleep is at the forefront of Posh+Lavish mattresses. However, making a positive impact on the world through giving back is the ultimate goal of Posh+Lavish. The better the mattress, the more customers. This will lead to a greater impact on the charitable contributions. Purchasing a Posh+Lavish mattresses take your sleep to the next level. It will also provide children with much need access to healthcare around the world. Visit your local Mattress Express to learn more about Posh+Lavish and to try it for yourself.

  • Posh+Lavish Premier
    Posh+Lavish Premier
    Starting at $1,999.99
  • Posh+Lavish Flow Medium Firm
    Posh+Lavish Flow Medium Firm
    Starting at $2,799.99
  • Posh+Lavish Refine Ultra Plush
    Posh+Lavish Refine Ultra Plush
    Starting at $4,099.99
  • Posh+Lavish Relax Medium Firm
    Posh+Lavish Relax Medium Firm
    Starting at $2,999.99
  • Posh+Lavish Restore Medium
    Posh+Lavish Restore Medium
    Starting at $3,399.99
  • Posh+Lavish Reveal Plush
    Posh+Lavish Reveal Plush
    Starting at $3,699.99

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