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Mattress Express Evans Mills

Location Details

26411 Johnson Rd.

Evans Mills, NY 13637


(315) 629-7246


Monday-Saturday 10:00 am – 9:00 pm

Sunday 10:00 am – 8:00 pm

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Evans Mills

One of the smallest locations for our Mattress Express store, Evans Mills is a village situated in Jefferson County northwest of Watertown, NY.

While searching for your perfect mattress here at Mattress Express, you can explore all the town has to offer.

Evans Mills was founded in 1802, however, there were no mills developed until 1806. The first mill was named after the mill owner, Ethni Evans, in the 19th century. Evans Mills was not considered a legitimate village until the year 1874. Located in the town of Le Ray, in close proximity to the Indian River, Evans Mills was listed on the historic register in 1982. With so much history, one can find a multitude of things to do and sights to see in such an encapsulated place. From the local auto speedway where you can watch fast cars and enjoy excitement to the local game preserve where you can enjoy the outdoors and nature, there’s plenty to do in this quaint town. The historic architecture and small shops also make for delightful souvenirs while exploring the backdrop of this town’s rich history.

There’s something for everyone here and when you leave, you’ll not only be taking home a great mattress but heartwarming memories as well.

Here at our Evans Mills Mattress Express store, we believe that like the village, the atmosphere ought to feel like you’re right at home. Our manager, Tony, and his staff  take the time to make each and every client feel heard and well served. Personal, one-on-one interaction helps us get to know you and understand what your needs and preferences are.  Our experienced associates can offer up many brands such as Posh+Lavish, Eclipse, Smart Bed, and more to help you find exactly what you want. Here at our store you’re sure to find that life changing bed that looks and feels luxurious, is extremely comfortable, and will last longer.

Not only will you have found your perfect mattress match, but knowing where you bought it from tells a story in itself.

Gather the family or one of your history-buff friends and head over to our Evans Mills Mattress Express location, where like a village, our close knit staff will help you on your way to the best sleep of your life. Our beds are making history now as they exceed todays’ sleep technology.

Give us a call and take the first step on your journey to a new and improved mattress, and a better you!

“Summer helped me find the most amazing, perfect mattress! I sleep like a baby now! She is amazing!”

- Adam Kemp

“I can't say enough good things about Summer! She is so helpful and friendly. We went in for one and left with two. I highly recommend visiting her for all your mattress needs! The posh and lavish are truly the way to go. ”

- Jess Spicer

“Garry Thompson was extremely proficient in selecting just the right mattress for us. He began by ascertaining our "comfort levels" on an air bed type of mattress and based on those results, he selected just the right mattress for our needs. We are very happy with his choice and his wonderful service to us.”

- Michael Griswold

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