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Rest Mattresses in bedroom setting with brand logo

The ReST™ Bed

ReST Beds are designed with athletes’ needs in mind. Rest is how your muscles rebuild themselves, and it’s as important to your training as the time and care spent at the gym. The engineers at ReST™ Beds have developed the perfect mattress for the particular demands of athletes. They automatically adjust to your body as you shift and stir throughout the night, relieving pressure points and sore muscles.

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Instant Comfort mattress with brand logo in bedroom setting

The Number Bed by Instant Comfort

The Number Bed by Instant Comfort; the bed that changes with you. Our bodies change every year, from age, ailments, and injuries. The Instant Comfort Number Bed changes with your body while sustaining its own integrity and the quality of your sleep.

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Puffy Royal Hybrid Product


The Puffy Mattress is the culmination of four years of research and development, foam formulations, and sleep trials. We believe, as do the majority of our customers, that we have crafted the perfect sleep system — especially for those with back pain.  Designed and manufactured in the USA, Puffy is backed by a lifetime warranty.

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Close up photo of Posh Lavish Mattress in bedroom Setting


True to the brand name, each Posh + Lavish mattress is constructed by highly skilled hands in order to produce some of the most deluxe and sumptuous mattresses on the market. In addition, their product is developed through a unique set of values that lend to the benefits of a mind/body/universe reciprocity.

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Eclipse Mattress with brand logo in bedroom setting


Eclipse International has been setting the bar for sleep for over 100 years . With innovative, patented technologies like LifeEdge™ and our Spinal Zone™ support system, Eclipse has been consistently improving sleep quality since opening its doors.

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Purple mattress


The bed that broke the internet. Purple’s innovative cushioning products all start here. Made from hyper-elastic polymer for stretch and durability, the ultra-breathable Grid borrows from engineering used to support bridges – and bridges the gap between eh and amazing sleep.

ntegrity Foam Solutions Mattress with brand logo in bedroom setting

Integrity Foam

Integrity Foam Solutions makes quality sleep available for those who need it the most. Work hard, play hard, live life with Integrity. We make mattresses with foam sourced straight from our in-house foam yard, working with foam in all mediums. Our quality mattresses are 100% Certified Organic, and we meet all GOTS and GOLS certifications.

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Close Up Wellsville Mattress


Better quality of sleep means better quality of life. Let Wellsville focus on the beginning and the end of your day’s story so you can focus on the middle. Take charge of your sleep with the premium mattresses offered from Wellsville® Beds.

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Malouf Mattress bed Set against White Wall and Floor


The Malouf brand strives to bring the best quality upscale bedding to your home, at an affordable price, while providing our customers with inspired solutions for enhancing sleep. Our award winning Z pillows feature ActiveDough® technology which delivers aromatherapy with a variety of scents to choose from, including soothing lavender, refreshing peppermint, and peaceful chamomile, promoting relaxation and deep slumber.

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