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Patented technologies to offer the highest quality of comfort for an exceptional value.


Eclispse Mattresses

Eclipse’s mission is to make a difference in every customer’s sleep health. Our mattresses use patented technologies to offer the highest quality of comfort for an exceptional value.

Looking for a mattress that’s not only beneficial to your sleep but to your body’s wellness as well? Then, look no further because the Eclipse will give you both. Endorsed by COCSA, the Eclipse is recommended by the Congress of Chiropractic State Association. That should give you some reassurance as to how beneficial the investment you’re making will be. So, not only do you get the most comfortable bed, but your body can heal itself while you receive the best rejuvenating sleep of your life. For complete details, and to try it out for yourself, come to any one our Mattress Express locations in New York and speak to our friendly and experienced staff!

Eclipse Mattresses: Our History

Eclipse started up in the 1890’s when the Weisglass brothers, Sam and Max, moved their spring manufacturing business from the Ukraine to New York City. After a lot of hard work and dedication, the Weisglass Spring Company eventually evolved into the U.S Cabinet and Bed Company in 1903. After a few short years, Eclipse Sleep Products became one of the largest bedding companies on the east coast. Eclipse has also diligently kept up with the ever evolving sleep technology and fastidiously applies it to their products. Eclipse now holds 7 patents and has obtained 77 manufacturing licenses worldwide.

Eclipse Deville Euro Pillowtop Ultra Cushion
Eclipse Deville Euro Pillowtop Ultra Cushion

Today’s Brand

Eclipse International is now one of the fastest growing manufacturers of mattresses and holds licensed brands throughout the world. Eclipse has 55 factories that services 65 countries on 6 continents. With the changing times and current technologies, Eclipse International is able to stay current on the latest sleep advancements and provide you with the most unique and restorative sleep experience.

Eclipse’s mission is to make a difference in every customer’s sleep health. Their mattresses use patented technologies to offer the highest quality of comfort for an exceptional value. Their commitment is to create manufacturing processes that eliminates our carbon footprint while still offering you the highest value in the bedding industry.

With a mission like that, you are guaranteed that Eclipse has one main goal: to provide you with the most exceptional mattress for optimal sleep that not only benefits your body along with your mental performance, but also assures that your investment will be made prudently as well. As Mattress Express serves to provide the New York consumer with superior mattresses, we can assure you that Eclipse is a top quality brand that we are proud to carry in all of our New York stores.

Eclipse Mattresses: What’s Inside

The mattress core is made up of individually wrapped coils fulfilling maximum spinal support, called ComforTek™ Encasement.

The support layers offers a support system including a foam perimeter that expands your sleep surface, going from edge to edge of the mattress.

Eclipse Lido Cushion Comfort Mattress
Eclipse Lido Cushion Comfort

The comfort layers are made up using our two different materials

– VFD Foam™ is a quality foam using variable densities that provides continuous support and comfort

– Memory SenseV™ is our memory foam that relieves pressure and provides body conformity to reduce aches and pains.

Our mattress cover delivers extreme quality and durability, while caressing your body using our finest material technology.

– The Spinal Zone Quilt™ is what we line our mattresses with and uses our patented technology for optimal lumbar support and reducing impressions that your body makes.

– Our Comfortlux Surface™ uses fabrics that have reactive fibers woven into the mattress providing conforming properties for all body types.

With colors such as grey and white swirling across the surface backdropped by a black base, this mattress screams sophistication and style, meant to impress simply by looking at it.

Eclipse is known to use innovative craftsmanship techniques to create a great mattress, all of which are all patented. One example, the Spinal Zone Quilt™, offers a cross stitch along the lumbar zone of the bed that provides additional support to the spine and relieves pressure points on a therapeutic level. This is the first bed in the industry today offering this sort of unique design.

For more information regarding the Eclipse mattresses, you can call or visit one of our New York Mattress Express locations. We can discuss more details with you, including warranty information and specifications.

With these two collections, you’re sure to receive the best sleep of your life! And all it takes is a trip to your nearest Mattress Express location, where you can personally to talk to one of our many knowledgeable associates and you’ll be on your way to a better life!

  • Eclipse Astral Firm
    Eclipse Astral Firm
    Starting at $729.99
  • Eclipse Cosmopolitan Pillowtop
    Eclipse Cosmopolitan Pillowtop
    Starting at $1419.99
  • Eclipse Deville Euro Pillow Top Ultra Cushion
    Eclipse Deville Euro Pillow Top Ultra Cushion
    Starting at $2,299.99
  • Eclipse Lido Cushion Comfort
    Eclipse Lido Cushion Comfort
    Starting at $1419.99
  • Eclipse Posture Comfort Freesia
    Eclipse Posture Comfort Freesia
    Starting at $1,999.99
  • Eclipse Posture Comfort Freesia Firm
    Eclipse Posture Comfort Freesia Firm
    Starting at $1,999.99

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