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iComfort and iComfort Hybrid

Serta iComfort

Serta's Most Advanced Sleep System

Serta iComfort Mattress

Serta offers a variety of all foam iComfort models that range in price and comfort. The advanced memory foam is layered in a well engineered balance of comfort and support. All foam iComfort mattresses help to relieve aches and pains in addition to helping the body to recover quickly from injury. Additionally, the all foam iComfort mattress by Serta helps to give your back support as well as align your spine.

Unlike many other memory foam mattresses, the iComfort sleeps cool. It comes equipped with advanced gel memory foam. This helps to increase comfort and decrease night sweats caused by a hot mattress.

Serta iComfort Hybrid Mattress

Serta’s hybrid iComfort mattress combines advanced memory foam with Serta’s most advanced innerspring coil support. This combination offers deep support and comfort. Like the all foam mattress, the hybrid comes equipped with TempActive technology that helps to ensure a cooler sleep.

The innerspring coils offer added comfort, support and durability. The hybrid iComfort mattress is breathable and contours to your body much better than a traditional innerspring mattress. They offer great bounce, but can also absorb pressure easily. Hybrid mattresses can be a great choice for people on a budget that still want comfort and pain relief.

Choosing a Serta Mattress

Finding the perfect mattress can be difficult. After all, there are hundreds of options to choose from. However, Serta shines the brightest in the mattress industry. It is the leading mattress manufacturer in the United States and in 99 other countries. Additionally, Serta is the leading provider of mattresses in the hotel industry. Each mattress is designed and built in the USA. They all come with a 10 year limited warranty and a 120 day in home trial.

Serta mattresses are manufactured under strict control standards. They have maintained a high quality since the company was formed in 1913. With is global network, Serta is able to quickly respond to customer needs and offer the best sleeping experience at an affordable price. In 2011, the iComfort series was launched. It is no coincidence that in 2012, Serta was named as Americas most recommended mattress, pillow, and box spring brand. It is now one of the most recognized and awarded mattress brands.

iComfort mattresses come in hybrid and memory foam. Each are equipped with the latest in get memory foam technology. TempActiv™ technology, helps to keep sleepers comfortable and cool throughout the night.

The Serta iComfort mattress line has received a lot of recognition and awards. Most notably, the iComfort was named by Consumer Digest as having the best buy. Whether you prefer a hybrid mattress or all foam, the Serta iComfort mattresses have something for all sleepers.

Millions of Americans purchase a new mattress each year. Finding the right one can be a difficult task. When searching for a bed that is right for you, there are a few considerations to take into account. Some of those are specific health issues, budget and personal preference. Additionally, your mattress should offer a comfortable and rejuvenating sleep. Fortunately, the iComfort series by Serta has something for everyone. Conducting research and asking questions are a great first step in finding the right mattress. However, the best way to learn, is to try a mattress firsthand.

If you would like to test an iComfort Serta mattress, visit your local Mattress Express today.

Couple Enjoying the Serta iComfort Mattress

Finding a Reputable Mattress Store in Upstate New York

Purchasing a mattress is a long term investment. You would not buy a car without test driving it. Similarly, you should not purchase a mattress without testing it first. When you begin your search for a reputable mattress store, it is recommended that you search for a store that maintains a high rating and positive reviews. Also, research the types of brands that they have available to test. Be sure to ask about warranties provided and delivery options. Lastly, your chosen mattress store should have employees that live and breath mattresses and their representatives should be able to answer the questions that you cannot find online. A mattress store is only as good as the brands it sales and the expertise it provides.

Why You Should Choose Mattress Express

Mattress Express has multiple locations in upstate New York and offers a wide variety of Serta mattresses at an excellent price. In fact, we will not be beaten on price. We offer easy financing for both good and challenging credit. Our mattress experts personalize their service for each customer. They will provide you with information and expertise to enhance your mattress buying experience. Excellent service, extensive mattress knowledge, and unsurpassed value are all reasons that our customers leave us great reviews. If you want to learn more about the Serta iComfort series, visit a Mattress Express store today and test it for yourself.

Serta Sheep on a Cloud

Always Comfortable”

One of the most popular lines of Mattresses is Serta. Many people across the nation use their products and they are the #1 Hotel bed supplier in the US. With over 8,000 5-Star reviews, there’s no question as to why Serta is sits at the top. Here at Mattress Express, we’re proud to offer to you their amazing beds and products and we can guarantee you’ll be leaving an outstanding review too!

Did you know that 100% of Sertas products are made in the USA? Creating more jobs and supporting more families is all part of the Serta mission.

Among the reviews, you’ll find there are many reasons why people choose Serta. From our nationally made products to other options such as free delivery and in-home trial, there’s really no reason to look further!


Of all the products Serta has, we of course love them for their mattresses! With many models to choose from, there’s no reason you shouldn’t be able to find perfect one! Of course with so many models though, it’s easier to categorize them into collections and then go from there! Once you decide which collection suits you, our friendly and knowledgeable associates here at Mattress Express can help you discover the best bed for you!

Serta iComfort Mattress on an Adjustable Base Head Up
Serta iComfort Memory Foam and Hybrid Mattress Work Great on Adjustable Bases!

Serta Mattress Collections

  • Perfect SleeperⓇ. Available in Memory Foam, Innerspring and Hybrid, the Perfect SleeperⓇ helps with the many sleep issues such as partner disturbance, temperature, tossing & turning and more! The Perfect SleeperⓇ comes in 7 durable and highly sought after models.
  • iComfortⓇ Foam. Using an all-foam support system, the breakthrough technology TempActiv™ helps to keep you cool throughout the night and relieve pressure to every point on your body. iComfortⓇ Foam is available in Memory Foam, Hybrid and comes in 11 different models.
  • SleepTrueⓇ. A more plush mattress, the SleepTrueⓇ includes a support system that moves with you and conforms to your body using and extra-deep foam rail helping to support you all the way to the very edges of the mattress and limit partner motion. A layer of gel memory foam called Cool TwistⓇ reduces heat, offers ample support and increases airflow.
  • Mattress In a Box. With four different models to choose from, our mattresses in a box let you choose which comfort level best fits you by deciding on the model and then shipping it right to your door. Available in Twin, Full, Queen and King.
  • Hotel Mattresses. You can have the comfort and luxury of a hotel mattress in your own home! In four distinct models almost every one is 2-sided and comes in a variety of firmness and plushness, including pillow tops.  

The best way to find which bed works best for you though is to browse the collections, find one that seems to fit your needs and preferences, then come to any one of our Mattress Express locations to learn more and try them out for yourself!

Serta Products

Not only does Serta produce top tier mattresses, but there are other accessories to select from:

  • pillows
  • blankets & sheets
  • mattress protectors
  • bed frames

All are of the best quality and contribute to giving you the best night sleep of your life. With memory and gel foam pillows that help regulate body temperature while cradling your neck and head, microfiber sheets that make sure mattress feel even softer, a cooling mattress protector that keeps your bed’s quality last longer, and bed frames that meet all your sleep needs, Serta has it all and can be ordered at any one of out Mattress Express locations nearest you.

Did you know that Serta also sells pet beds? Not only do you get peace of mind and comfort using your Serta mattress, but knowing your furry family members get the same kind of luxury makes sleeping amazing for the both of you!

Adjustable Frames

Now with any great mattress, should come an equally impressive bed frame. A reason why a majority of customers are gravitating to an adjustable bed frame is that it adjusts to the bed and your desired position. Mattress Express carries several adjustable basemodels, each has multiple features that ensure your mattress will move with you and continuously provide you with the best sleep every night.


For someone who wants simplicity while also having the options to adjust the mattress, wireless remote control and adjustable legs to meet your height expectations is available with the SertaⓇ Motion EssentialsⓇ.

Are you more of a tech-savvy, ahead of the times kind of person who not only appreciates a good night’s rest but also wants options available to make it better than the best? Then the SertaⓇ Motion PerfectⓇ is perfect for you. With everything also included from Motion EssentialⓇ, the Motion PerfectⓇ offers even more including:

  • Zero-gravity option
  • Anti snore head tilt position
  • Massage settings
  • Serta’s new Easy Seat technology can move the mattress without much movement in the base, to help you sleep better while moving from one position to the next.

With Serta’s numerous options of mattresses and accessories, the only way to truly know which works best for you is to come to one of our many easy and convenient Mattress Express locations and let our experts help you on your journey to a better night’s sleep!


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