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Furniture For Life® Authorized Galleries at Mattress Express

Mattress Express carries Furniture For Life’s carefully curated portfolio of best-in-class massage chairs, ergonomic office furniture, and next-generation mattresses from industry-leading global brands such as OHCO®, Positive Posture™, Panasonic®, D.Core™, and Varier®. All of these products are backed by FFL Brands’ industry-leading warranties and superior service team.

  • Positive Posture Sol - Black
    Positive Posture Sol - Black
    Starting at 1999.00
  • Positive Posture BRIO +
    Positive Posture BRIO +
    Starting at 10000
  • Panasonic MAJ7
    Panasonic MAJ7
    Starting at $9999.99
Shiatsu, Reclining, Heated, Full Body, and 4D

Massage Chairs

Do you ever wish you could put the world and all of its problems on pause, even for just a moment?

Maybe you had a hard day at work or your chronic pain is acting up. The kids might be driving you crazy, you want to finally relax, or have decided it’s time to spoil yourself.

When it comes to ultimate relaxation there’s not much that compares to a deep tissue massage. Think about the last time you received a massage from a professional (if ever) and try to remember what you were thinking about at that moment. My guess would be that you probably can’t recall. When you relax your muscles, you relax your mind. 

FFL has top-of-the-line massage chair brands like OHCO, Panasonic, Positive Posture, and D.Core. These brands have incorporporated the ancient knowledge of famous shiatsu masters in order to deliver the ultimate relaxation experience. Most of the design is done in the United States and Japan, so durability and warranties are something you can count on. FFL sets the standards for the industry with their unbeatable service and quality. No companies have more advanced chairs than Colorado’s own Furniture For Life!


Massage Therapy at Home for a Fraction of the Cost

Don’t have time or the budget to go see a professional every week? By getting an FFL Massage Chair you may save some serious cash. We don’t recommend completely replacing your massage therapist but supplemental massages between sessions can help your wallet and help your body!

Woman sitting in OHCO MDX chair

Relax or Recover. Which One is Right for you?

Depending on your body and your ideas of comfort, certain features might stand out more than others. All of the chairs have pre-programmed automatic sessions. Features like touch, tapping, rolling, kneading, stretching, reflexology, and acupuncture are included in these programs to simulate a real massage experience. Programs include, but are not limited to: Shiatsu, Stretch, Full Body, Relax, and much more. You can even focus on specific muscles with the manual “spot” massage options.

Panasonic MA73- Brown

Not Your Average Chairs

Unlike most other massage chairs on the market, you’ll get a full body massage experience with FFL. From the soles of your feet, to the back of your calves, all the way to your hands, no muscles will be left behind. Massage rollers and airbags provide the ability to target feet, legs, neck, hips, iliotibial, forearm, hand, and even fingertips.

Air Bladders

Strategically placed throughout these chairs, air bladders squeeze your muscles — even down to your fingertips. This technology simulates the touch and compression of a real massage professional. When the bladders compress your feet they help the foot rollers perform better. They wrap around your legs and calves and because some of the chairs even have calf rollers, the compression feature enhances the work of this unique massage technology.

Zero Gravity and Wall-Hugging Features

With only 4’ to 6’ of clearance needed, you can fit your chair anywhere. Even when you’ve just completed a chair massage, the chair still offers reclining features that you can use whenever you want.

Most chairs, like the ones at your local mall, keep you in an upright position. FFL chairs allow you to recline your chair all the way to the zero gravity position, which maximizes breathing, blood flow, pressure relief on your lower back, and allows for gravity to work in conjunction with the rollers in order to increase the force, and strength of the deep tissue features.

FFL’s Core Values

Let’s go back to August of 2006 in Boulder, Colorado. Boulder is known as “The happiest city in the U.S.” according to National Geographic. 15 years ago an innovative man named Cliff Lewis took it upon himself to introduce the world to FFL: Furniture For Life. Cliff has 30 years of experience in the massage chair industry, and his purpose has been clear from the start.


FFL’s purpose is simple yet impactful: “To make the world a more comfortable place.”

Their goal is to make their customers happier, healthier, and more relaxed.


FFL has ventured to where others in the industry have not: “Furniture that enriches the health and wellness of people.”

Their technology collectively surpasses all other choices on the market thanks to their absolute focus on customers’ needs.

A massage a day can keep the tension away!

Adding any of these luxurious pieces of furniture to your home will be life-changing, whether you’re a parent or a professional athlete. Imagine being able to transport yourself to a world away from it all, escaping your daily troubles even if only for 30 minutes a day.

With FFL’s distinguished designs this new addition to your home would be the focal point of any room in the house. Don’t think it can fit? You’ll be happy to know that the wall-hugging features of the chairs only require 4’ of clearance for some and 6’ for others.

With the partnership of FFL and Mattress Express, owning your own massage chair is easier than you think. With Mattress Express’s 60-month, no-interest financing with no money down, you might find yourself paying less than you do for your current massage sessions. While we don’t seek to replace massage professionals, we know that adding supplemental massages into your daily routine can help you save money, and can help make you happier and healthier in the long run.

Call ahead and schedule an appointment to find out which Mattress Express certified FFL gallery location is closest to you. One of our expert representatives can help you find the right massage chair for you.

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