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The ReST™ Bed


The ReST Bed™

In an ever-changing world, the one thing most people try to stay current with is technology. If our appliances and phones can be efficient through technology, why shouldn't we be more efficient about our quality of sleep?

Well, now you can with the ReST Bed™, the world’s first & only Smart Bed! With the ability to control the support level for five different zones at the tip of your finger, you’ll be getting the best sleep of your life! Simply download the ReSTⓇ app and adjust to your level of comfort.

You’ll truly be sleeping like royalty on the ReST Bed™! With the ReST Bed™, there’s five different zones of the body that it can adjust to for your comfort.

  • Legs
  • Hips
  • Lumbar
  • Shoulder
  • Head

High-tech, Precision Comfort by ReST™

Using data received from a patented fabric within the mattress that records your pressure and shape, an almost silent air pump collects what’s recorded and the bed can automatically adjust in each of these zones simultaneously, allowing for different levels of firmness and support where needed.

The ReST Bed™ has distinct features which separate it from any other mattress on the market today:

  • Connectivity plays a major role in making this bed the best (and only) in its class. This Smart bed uses Wifi allowing you to connect with any current or future technology so your ReST Bed™ can send your sleep data directly to your device.
  • Sensors in the soft, elastic material made up of durable warp knit nylon-polyester, monitors about 2,000 pressure points.
  • The data produced from these pressure points are then received by the intelligent Air System in which an air pump regulates air flow to many different air chambers to adjust the level of firmness for each body zone.

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Using the three different operating modes, you can adjust your bed to meet your needs:

  • Manual Mode allows you to customize the support level you desire for each of the Five Zones whenever you see fit!
  • Position Detection lets you set the bed to your specific positions. It will then change to your saved data when you move during sleep! So when you decide to lay on your back, the bed will adjust to how you have it set for that position and the same for your side.
  • Automatic Mode will automatically and continually adjust to your body’s needs, when you move, the bed adjusts. This is the smartest, most technologically advanced mattress ever found! Whatever your needs, the smart bed technology will oblige.

With these three settings, you’ll be sleeping on the Holy Trinity of mattresses! Just imagine the years taken off your body with this kind of rest.

If you’re someone that needs to sleep with your upper body elevated, the mattress adjusts for this and allows for better breathing. Included in Men’s Health 2019 Sleep Awards, the ReST Bed™ has gotten the attention of world renowned athletes and sleep pros everywhere!

The sleep doctor, Dr. Michael Breus, claimed at the 2019  Sleep Show that the ReST Bed™ is his favorite, and it was awarded the Sleep Tech Award as well!

Athletes such as Julian Gressel with Major League Soccer and others who attended the IRONMAN championship in Hawaii, where ReST Bed™ had a pop up, all agree that it is the best!

With those reviews, you can guarantee you’ll be sleeping soundly and comfortably and wake up feeling like a pro, ready to take on any challenge.

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Impressed so far? Well there’s more where that came from! For athletes, manual laborers or anyone who engages in some sort of physical activity during the day, how you sleep at night really affects your performance. Have you ever used a fitbit or some kind of tracker which monitors your steps, heart rate, pulse etc? With the ReST Bed™, you can monitor very important things related to your sleep:

  • You’re sleep pattern and body structure are all documented and automatic bed adjustments are programmed
  • The bed senses when there’s too much pressure on one spot, leading to poor circulation, and will re-set itself accordingly to relieve that area
  • With a sensor under the surface, the bed can keep track of your habits and document the data for every night’s rest

If you’re someone who enjoys the pleasure of sleeping next to someone every night, it can also be a curse! Having two people that have different comfort levels sleeping on the same mattress can sometimes bring out the worst in us! One person may wake up feeling great while the other literally woke up on the wrong side of the bed. However, with the ReST Bed™ this is no longer an issue as it knows what each of you needs to be comfortable, including:

  • A cooling surface to keep you from getting hot and uncomfortable during the night
  • An almost silent, high tech air pumps monitor flow to allow accomodate different levels of firmness as desired by each sleeper!
  • And with an adjustable base, one person can sleep in a more reclined position while the other may prefer to sleep completely flat, the possibilities are endless.

As if this mattress didn’t do enough, your furry friends can also sleep soundly and comfortably right along with you! Their sleep data will show up on the map just like yours and you can help adjust your pets sleep so you can both wake up feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day together. And don’t worry, the surface cover is100% machine washable so no accidents or germs can get in the way of blissful sleep.

Not only will you get the best sleep of your life, you can rest assured knowing that the ReST Bed™ comes with a 10-year warranty on all their mattresses.

No need to stress about the constant changing ways of the world as you keep up with the latest technology and taking care of your body. Invest in the most restorative sleep of your life!

The ReST™ Bed

Reach the peak of your athletic potential with the first custom bed that’s tailored for athletes. It goes without saying that if you want the best from your body, you will need the best from your bed.

Achieve your best physical condition and performances with a bed that adjusts itself to support your most important training need–REST.  Your muscles rebuild themselves during your sleep; therefore, the same attention paid to your workouts ought to be given to the most integral part of carefully planned training: the muscle rebuild phase.

The ReST™ Bed™ is favored by the world’s elite athletes for these reasons. Targeted support adapts to changes in body position to help with a variety and ever changing areas of muscle soreness.  The ReST™ bed changes with your body and prepares your body as world class charging station for your next big performance.

ReST™ Beds make use of sensors on 2,000 different points of pressure across each individual side of the mattress to provide precise measurements in softness and comfort for your body’s individual needs.

Winner of the CES Innovation Award of 2015

ReST bed scores the highest marks in their heat reduction, comfort, performance and durability in multiple consumer review programs.

WiFi allows the ReSt™ bed to seamlessly integrate with  the provided tablet or other compatible devices, which include most smartphones and tablets.

Personalized sleep controls with our easy-to-use app

Three operation modes adjust your bed in real-time with your preferred level of control – manual, auto-position or automatic. Set up your bed in minutes, customize it whenever and however you want, and always have the latest smart bed features with free upgrades.

ReST™ 3 Operating Modes

Manual Mode

Color coded continuum (blue is soft, red is firm) across a zoned diagram allows you to adjust your mattress according to your custom comfort preferences, then lock them in pre-saved profile.

Auto Position

Using a sensor just below the surface, the rest bed instinctively adapts to your body’s changing positions.  Make selections based on back or side sleeping, as the ReST™ levels will adjust themselves therapeutically.   An added feature is the ability to use voice command,as the bed adjusts itself to your body, simply say “stop” and it will maintain the current position. Preprogram your comfort, and your bed does what you wish.

Automatic Mode

In Automatic Mode the ReST™ Bed adjusts itself continuously as you shift, even softly.  You move, the bed adpts with you.  The 2,000 sensors are on constant lookout for subtle and immediate adjustments that may be needed for optimal sleep comfort.

The ReSt™ Bed™ transforms it’s smart fabric data into automatic firmness adjustments seamlessly and constantly, making it the smartest bed on the market.

The ReST™ Smart Fabric takes data from 2,000 different body points across 5 comfort zones, then sends that data to your tablet which then tells the bed to make adjustments via the pump.  Our cutting edge software allows you to monitor every essential aspect of your sleep while you’re in training.  No detail is too small to be ignored where maximum performance is the goal.

Experience a bed like no other, with instant comfort that adjusts automatically as you achieve a comfortable sleeping position and shift throughout the night.

Lock in your personal settings with the Automatic mode.

The air pumps are quiet enough to engage without waking even the lightest sleeper.

ReST™ Mattress construction:

3” cooling gel-infused memory foam conforms to your pressure points while keeping you cool.

This floats on top of 1” of light impact resistant foam for firmer support for your sleeping platform.

These comfort layers sit atop 5.5” air chambers which provide the backbone of the dynamic support system for your head, shoulders, lumber, hips and legs.

With independently adjusted zones, you can easily customize the fit to your preference.  Slow leaks over time is not a concern, as the medical grade polyurethane air chambers are molded with welded seams.

Interlocking edge support maximizes the sleeping surface with edge to edge firmness.

Modular construction helps you get the longest lifespan out of your mattress so that rather than replacing it after 8-10 years, you can simply replace only the worn out parts.

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