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Bodyfit Mattress

The reversible mattress perfect for year-round comfort
Experience the authentic 5-star ergonomic design tailored to enhance your post-workout recovery, enabling peak performance.

BodyFit Mattress

Bodyfit’s Mattress is the first and only ergonomic bed-in-a- box to provide zero stress at specific areas especially your shoulders, hips and lumbar providing extra support and maximum rest.

The BodyFit difference? Sleep ergonomics.

The BodyFit difference? Sleep ergonomics.

A true ergonomic mattress should do two things well.

BodyFit A true ergonomic mattress should do two things well.

BodyFit mattress offers “in-mattress lumbar support and pressure relief” at the shoulders and hips.

How? By strategically positioning multi-density foams, it employs “multi-body zone technology.” This provides users with exceptional support precisely where they need it most, resulting in a “weightless” sensation that is gentle on their bodies, promoting rest of the highest quality. This, in turn, helps them recover faster and perform at their very best.

Bouble-sided Mattress

Do you like a firm mattress sometimes and a softer surface at other times? BodyFit has got you covered. Their mattresses are double-sided with two feels, yes, that’s right. Soft-medium on top, medium to firm on the bottom. Who says you can’t have everything?

Thermo-cooling layer

Nothing breathes like cotton. Stay cool in summer and warm in winter with a specially designed thermo-cooling layer that creates micro air pockets to help circulate air and naturally acclimatize your body to the environment, ensuring a perfect sleeping temperature every night.

Made in the USA

BodyFit firmly believe that to ensure something is done right, it must be done in-house. That’s precisely why they manufacture and distribute all their products here in the USA. When customers choose a BodyFit product for their sleep, they can rest assured that each item is crafted with pride and integrity, right here on home soil.

  • Body Fit Foundation
    Body Fit Foundation
    Starting at $199.99
  • Bodyfit Mattress
    Bodyfit Mattress
    Starting at $985.00

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