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November 30, 2023

What is TEMPUR-Pedic and What Makes it So Good?

TempurPedic Luxe Adapt Firm

The TEMPUR-Pedic brand is one of the most well-known mattress brands out on the market and there is a very good reason for that.

TEMPUR-Foam has a long history of extensive innovation, starting with its development for NASA back in 1966. It was originally designed to absorb shock and increase comfort in aircraft seats, but once it was released to the public, TEMPUR-Sealy International took it one step further, making it a perfect material for every kind of sleeper out there.

Since the early 1990s, TEMPUR-Pedic mattresses have been designed to adapt specifically to the shape of your body, evenly distribute your weight, and regulate your body temperature.

This makes for the ideal comfort and support needed to get you the best night of sleep possible each and every night. They did not stop there, though; scientists and technicians with TEMPUR-Sealy International continue to work tirelessly every day to ensure they keep up with the latest technology to provide the perfect balance of comfort and support to ensure improved sleep quality no matter what type of sleeper that you are!

What is a TEMPUR-Pedic Mattress?

Tempurpedic ProAdapt Hybrid The big difference between TEMPUR-Pedic mattresses and other mattress brands is the TEMPUR-Foam. All TEMPUR-Foam is designed to provide you with a deep, restful night of sleep.

All TEMPUR-Foam focuses on providing unparalleled pressure relief, temperature regulation and motion cancellation to give you the ideal combination of comfort and support, helping you fall asleep quickly and stay asleep longer.

TEMPUR-Pedic has spent over 30 years ensuring that each TEMPUR-Pedic mattress features the ultimate balance of comfort and support while providing each collection with its own unique layer combination and features to give you the perfect feel.

The comfort layer is the top layer of your mattress and helps determine its feel, while the support layer is located on the bottom half of your mattress and provides essential support and helps distribute your body weight evenly across your mattress.

Both layers contain TEMPUR-Material, making each TEMPUR-Pedic mattress like no other. Every sleeper does not sleep the same way, nor do they prefer the same exact comfort and support combination, so TEMPUR-Pedic offers several variations to provide the ideal feel for all types of sleepers all over the world.

The original TEMPUR-Foam is formulated to have the perfect balance of comfort and support while TEMPUR-ES Foam is designed to feel extra soft with a tighter cell structure balanced with various layers of materials to provide the perfect level of support as well.

TEMPUR-APR provides ideal pressure relief while TEMPUR-APR+ does as well but with a tighter, more advanced cell structure for extra conforming comfort.

Ventilated Advanced Relief TEMPUR-Foam combines the most pressure-relieving material in the TEMPUR-Pedic line with an ultra-breathable design.

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How Long Does a TEMPUR-Pedic Mattress Last?

All TEMPUR-Pedic mattresses come with a 10-year limited warranty, but the average TEMPUR-Pedic mattress tends to last about 15 years.

TEMPUR-Pedic has continued to be a leader in the mattress industry for more than three decades with the most innovative designs and superior mattress construction. They keep up with the latest mattress technology and ensure that each TEMPUR-Pedic mattress is the best of the best, making each one durable and long-lasting.

TEMPUR-Pedic is committed to giving you, as a customer, the best quality sleep possible.

Best TEMPUR-Pedic Mattress

Each mattress collection features exclusive TEMPUR technology; all you need to do is uncover the best TEMPUR-Pedic mattress for you.

TEMPUR-Adapt Mattress

The TEMPUR-Adapt mattress series is available in two models: an all-foam and a hybrid. The line offers a comfort layer of TEMPUR-ES foam to contour to your curves and alleviate pressure-point pain. It uses a support core of poly foam or pocketed coils to help maintain healthy alignment.

You can choose the TEMPUR-Adapt mattress in a medium all-foam or a medium hybrid version.

TEMPUR-ProAdapt Mattress

Tempurpedic ProAdapt Soft Layer

The TEMPUR-ProAdapt mattress line combines layers of TEMPUR foam and TEMPUR-ES foam to create a sleep surface that gently cushions and conforms to your body for optimal comfort and support.

You can pick up a TEMPUR-ProAdapt mattress in a soft, medium or firm comfort level.

TEMPUR-LuxeAdapt Mattress

The TEMPUR-Luxe Adapt mattress collection includes layers of TEMPUR foam, TEMPUR-ES foam and TEMPUR-APR+ foam. It provides even more pressure-relieving power and unparalleled motion cancellation on top of optimal support.

The TEMPUR-LuxeAdapt mattress is available in a soft or a firm comfort level.

TEMPUR-ProBreeze Mattress

The TEMPUR-ProBreeze mattress collection features TEMPUR-CM+ foam and PureCool layers to provide cooling comfort and unparalleled motion cancellation in the top layers. It also offers an original TEMPUR foam or pocketed coil core in the bottom layer for support.

The TEMPUR-ProBreeze feels three degrees cooler throughout the night compared to the Adapt collection. It is available in a medium or medium hybrid style.

TEMPUR-LuxeBreeze Mattress

Tempur-pedic LuxeBreezeSoft Split King Styled Room The TEMPUR-LuxeBreeze mattress collection features comfort layers  using TEMPUR-CM+ and TEMPUR-PureCool+ technology to keep you cool throughout the night. The ventilated TEMPUR-APR support layer provides pressure relief and unparalleled motion cancellation.

The TEMPUR-LuxeBreeze feels up to eight degrees cooler throughout the night compared to the Adapt collection and is available in a soft or firm comfort level.

What is the Average Price of a TEMPUR-Pedic Mattress?

TEMPUR-Pedic mattresses are built with high-quality, long-lasting materials and are priced accordingly. They are available in various styles and comfort levels to conform to the body and sleeping style of all types of sleepers.

A queen-size TEMPUR-Pedic mattress ranges from about $2,499.99 to about $5,499.99 due to the high level of technology and materials used in each mattress collection. If you are looking to invest in a high-quality mattress but would like to pay over time, visit any of our Mattress Express locations or click here for our website to apply for financing!

Is TEMPUR-Pedic Worth it?

There is no doubt that TEMPUR-Pedic is definitely worth the investment. We spend two-thirds of our lives sleeping, so quality sleep should be a priority.

TEMPUR-Pedic’s one-of-a-kind material, TEMPUR-Foam, was perfected to provide excellent sleep paired with the latest technology. There is no better option on the market.

If you want a long-lasting mattress that cradles your body and provides superior pressure relief while you sleep, a Tempur-Pedic mattress may be the answer.

Let Your Body Choose For You

When it comes to picking out a new mattress, let your body choose by trying it out in person.

Stop by any of our Mattress Express locations today to have a sleep specialist help you decide which TEMPUR-Pedic mattress you prefer.