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January 20, 2024

The Best Smart Bed for 2024

Iphone used to control your smart bed

In the modern world that we now live in, a smart bed can consist of an adjustable base with a mattress that adjusts individually to your and your partner’s sleeping preferences with a standard adjustable base or a luxury mattress with an adjustable base that collects data as you sleep and adjusts accordingly.

Combining some of the latest technologies like smartphones, bluetooth devices and sleeping sensors helps gather information in order to offer sleeping tips based on your nightly habits. This is one of the most effective ways to guide you to a better night of sleep.

Whether it’s through your smart mattress or your smart adjustable base, your night of sleep just became a little more conducive to your sleeping habits.

Smart Mattress

A smart mattress is often, but not limited to, an air bed with two individualized air chambers that you can adjust to your desired comfort level or a mattress with sensors that automatically adjusts to your comfort level as needed.

You spend a third of your life in bed; therefore, the increasing popularity of smart mattresses and bed systems can be attributed to self-care.

The better you sleep, the better you feel throughout the day and the better your overall health will be.

Instant Comfort Q9 Smart Bed

Smart Bed adjustable mattress The Ultra-Plush Q9 Smart Bed by Instant Comfort features a control system that measures and keeps track of pressure with 45 settings that can be adjusted at any time with the touchscreen remote or with the Instant Comfort app. This allows you and your sleeping partner to individualize your comfort level nightly or as needed.

The Q9’s two-sided top cover is made with a moisture-wicking bamboo fabric on one side for the colder months and a platinum ThermaCool technology on the other side for the warmer months of the year.

Inside the Ultra-Plush Comfort Q9 is a fire barrier – six inches of various comfort foams on top of one or two antimicrobial vulcanized rubber air chambers that are surrounded by a foam edge support to provide a larger, more supportive sleeping surface from edge to edge.

Instant Comfort Q8 Smart Bed

The Ultra-Plush Comfort Q8 Smart Bed by Instant Comfort offers the same feature as the Q9 with just a couple fewer inches of comfort foam for a more medium to firm feel.

Instant Comfort Q5 Smart Bed

The Ultra-Plush Comfort Q5 Smart Bed by Instant Comfort contains a pillow-top quilted foam cover atop two inches of convoluted foam that rests above the same style of antimicrobial vulcanized rubber air chamber or chambers as the other two ultra-plush comfort models.

The convoluted foam layer allows this model to have a plush to firm feel due to the reduced comfort layer.

Personal Comfort Smart Bed

The Personal Comfort Smart Bed comes in two different Rejuvenate models: the R13 and the R15. They each come with a pair of wireless remotes to alter your comfort and individualize your side of the bed to give you the best night of high-quality sleep possible.

The R13 is a plush luxury bed that is perfect if you need temperature regulation as you sleep. It has a temperature-neutralizing top panel with three inches of Copper-Infused Energex foam for ultimate comfort and body temperature control.

The R15 has the same features as the R13 but adds two more inches of comfort material, including an extra inch of Copper-Infused Energex foam to give an ultra-plush experience.

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Smart Adjustable Bases

A smart adjustable base may include a sleep tracker to monitor your heartbeat, breathing, body temperature, restlessness and sleeping position. It can also include audio play for white noise or an alarm. Position control adjusts if you snore or there is too much pressure applied to your pressure points.

Tempur-Ergo Smart Base

TEMPUR-Pedic Mattress and smart bed Tempur-Ergo Smart Base makes a smart bed system when combined with any Tempur-Pedic mattress. The frame can be adjusted manually to put your head and feet up at the angle you desire but has adjustable height legs as well.

This base features the Sleeptracker-AI system to track your sleeping patterns and offers you tips to get better sleep and also has a built-in Snore Response mode that will quietly raise the head if you or your partner start snoring, opening the airway and allowing for better breathing.

This base also comes with a wireless remote featuring a preset zero gravity button, a sleep button, television button, two-zone massage and under-bed lighting.

Tempur-Ergo Pro Smart Base

Tempur-Ergo Pro Smart Base also makes a smart bed system when combined with any Tempur-Pedic mattress. Just like the regular Ergo Smart base, the frame can be adjusted manually to put your head and feet up at the angle you desire and it also has adjustable-height legs as well.

Features include:

  • Sleeptracker-AI system for tracking your sleeping patterns and offering coaching and sleeping tips
  • Snore Response senses snoring and adjusts your head automatically to allow you to breathe better
  • Soundscape mode allows you to not only hear but feel any sounds or music from a connected bluetooth device
  • Wind Down program cycles through different base positions during the individualized massage program
  • Wave Form Massage provides a unique, relaxing massage experience by using sound waves to transmit vibrations

Both of our Tempur-Ergo Smart base models come with USB-A and USB-C ports for smartphone charging and a 25-year warranty, so you will be sleeping on your Tempur-Ergo Smart base for many years to come.

Smart Bed Design

As noted above, a smart bed design may consist of one of three options: a smart mattress, a luxury mattress (like a cooling mattress) on a smart adjustable base, or a smart mattress on a traditional adjustable base. Technology is the key regardless of your smart bed design.

Smart beds can be equipped with sensors that monitor your sleep patterns, including your heart rate, breathing rate, body movement, and sleep quality. This allows you to make the needed changes to get a better night of sleep.

Smart beds may also detect if you are snoring and raise the head of your bed automatically to help rectify the issue. Some beds may adjust the temperature of your mattress if your body temperature is too warm or too cold. ‍

Smart bed systems can help identify your sleeping patterns, detect possible health problems, improve hormone imbalances that can lead to other illnesses and help increase your daily productivity by helping you get a better night of sleep.

Smart Bed Price

Smart bed prices will vary based on the features you choose and the design you like best. Solid mattresses, split mattresses, flex head mattresses, and the adjustable base you choose will all factor into the price.

Investing in a smart mattress or smart bed system offers an array of benefits, such as higher-quality sleep, better sleeping routines, improved health and an overall better quality of life. As technology changes and adapts to improve your everyday life, so will the smart bed features that are offered.

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