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December 28, 2023

What Kind of Mattress is Best for a Split-Head Bed?

Personal Comfort A5 Bed with Split head mattress

With the increasing popularity of an adjustable base bed, the solid mattress may become a thing of the past. The latest trend in mattresses is the split head mattress or flex head mattress that allows sleepers to adjust the comfort of each side of the bed to their liking.

What Is a Split-Head Mattress?

Tempurpedic ProAdapt Hybrid A split-head mattress is perfect for couples that have varying sleeping needs but do not want to sleep with a gap in the middle of their mattress. A split-head mattress is often available in a king or queen size and allows you and your partner to incline each side of your mattress at different degrees.

For example, as a stomach sleeper, you can lie flat or incline your head just a few inches while your side or back sleeping partner may sleep with their head raised as much as they need it to be comfortable without affecting your side of the bed.

Split-Head Mattress Versus a Regular Mattress

A regular mattress needs a solid foundation, platform or adjustable base and the only way to alter your comfort level from your partner is by adding a pillow or two.

A split-head mattress allows you and your partner to lie at different inclines. People tend to adjust the head of the bed more than the feet so the split is limited to the top one-third of the mattress and the remaining mattress is solid.

This allows you to have the ability to elevate your head differently than your partner without losing the “cuddle zone” of the bed like a full split mattress does.

A split-head mattress is also referred to as a flex-head mattress but there is no difference but the name. Both allow you to reap the benefits of sleeping with your head elevated differently than your sleeping partner so you each can independently adjust your side to benefit your individual needs. Depending on what style of base you choose will determine whether your legs can be slightly elevated differently than your partner or together.

Sleeping with your head elevated can help reduce or eliminate acid reflux, open your airway to allow you to breathe easier and reduce snoring, promote healthy circulation throughout your entire body, relieve pressure on your pressure points, especially your lower back, and has a positive effect on your sleeping posture.

Sleeping with your legs and feet elevated will help reduce pressure on your sciatic nerve, increase circulation in your lower extremities, reduce restless leg syndrome symptoms, prevent blood clots, varicose veins and swelling in your feet and legs, as well as alleviate lower back pain.

Using a split-head or flex-head mattress allows you and your sleeping partner to take advantage of these benefits as needed individually. Some benefits may not be needed for both of you as you most likely you suffer from different ailments.

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What Are Split Head Sheets?

A solid sheet set is not designed for a split-head mattress since they are all one piece. Split-head sheets and split-head protectors are newer accessories in the bedding world and are made to fit the shape of your split-head mattress. Check these all out at any of our Mattress Express locations. Our BedTech Solis Flex Head Protectors and our Bed Tech Thread Microplush & Bamboo Flex Head sheets are available in stores, as well as our Malouf line of Flex Head or Split Head accessories.

They are best to buy directly from the retailer that you purchase your split head bed from because the brand they tend to carry will offer a warranty on your sheets and your mattress protector. This ensures that if they are not durable enough to withstand the constant movement of an adjustable base, they can be replaced without an additional cost.

Benefits of a Split-Head Mattress

couple in pain after sleeping on bad mattress A split-head mattress allows you to customize the sleep comfort for both you and your partner by adjusting the head of your bed at different levels. This allows you both to obtain separate sleeping postures, which can be altered based on sleeping position, body type and health concerns.

Although many of the benefits of a split head or flex head mattress are listed above, it is pertinent to mention several of the benefits again. A split-head mattress can help you or your partner improve blood circulation, eliminate acid reflux, allow easier breathing, reduce snoring, relieve pressure on your lower back and other pressure points and promote better sleeping posture. All the benefits from having your head or feet elevated are impossible to list because there are so many.

A few benefits of elevating your legs and feet include:

  • improved blood flow
  • reduced inflammation
  • lower pressure in the veins
  • easing symptoms of varicose veins
  • reduced swelling of legs and feet during pregnancy
  • preventing blood clots from forming in your legs

Best Split-Head Mattresses

At all of our Mattress Express locations, there are several split-head mattress options to choose from.

Our Instant Comfort Smart Beds, like the Q9, Q8 and Q5, are all available in a split-head queen or a split-head king. This bed not only allows you and your partner to sleep at different inclines but you each can adjust your comfort level from firm to soft as well.

Our Posh & Lavish all-natural Talalay latex collection is also available in a queen flex head or king flex head. This collection provides extreme comfort and durability.

Our newest Therapedic line now offers flex head hybrid options in our Ginetta series, Pierce and Bantam. These are perfect if you are looking for a split-head mattress but do not want to invest in a higher-end luxury model.

Hybrid split-head and flex-head mattress options are the latest trend for 2024. Prior, split head and flex head options were only available in smart beds, latex beds and memory foam bed models without springs or coils. Our new Therapedic hybrid split head options are also a less costly alternative while still offering all the same benefits of their luxury counterparts.


If a split-head bed sounds like a great option for you and your partner, stop by any of our Mattress Express stores and a sleep specialist will help you find just what you are looking for. Try it before you buy it is the best way to uncover what feels and works best for you.