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June 2, 2023

Stearns and Foster Mattresses for Side Sleepers

image of a woman on her laptop and a dog laying down on a bed

Side sleeping is the most popular sleeping position in the world and may be the healthiest. Over 75% of sleepers favor sleeping on their side, especially women.

Side sleeping takes the strain off your back, hips and neck while keeping your spine in its natural alignment. Side sleeping is also known to relieve breathing difficulties by keeping your airway open, diminishing sleep apnea symptoms, reducing heartburn, keeping circulation moving, promoting optimal nerve functioning, preventing bloating, reducing constipation and supporting your body’s natural detoxification process.

Sleeping on your side is the ideal position for pregnant people because it reduces strain on your baby and other vital body organs. It also improves blood flow.

Am I a Side Sleeper?

A side sleeper is someone who falls asleep and wakes up lying with one side of their body facing the mattress, not flat on their back or face down on their stomach. Side sleepers will often sleep with multiple pillows, placing one between their knees, one between their shoulders and head, and sometimes even one in between their arms.

The key to sleeping well while side sleeping is the right mattress and pillow combination.

If too much pressure is applied to your hips, shoulders or neck, you will experience recurring pain throughout the night. If your mattress sags or is too soft, your spine will not be able to stay properly aligned and will cause pain and restless sleep.

Best Side to Sleep On

image of a person from the waist down side sleeping in a sheet The side you choose to sleep on has different benefits.

Sleeping on your left side is great for improving circulation, easing pressure on internal organs, relieving heartburn, and reducing acid reflux. It is the safest for pregnant women.

Sleeping on your right side decreases nervous system activity to alleviate anxiety, lower depression and reduce nightmares. It also helps regulate healthy blood pressure. If you suffer from heartburn, acid reflux or other gastrological issues, though, try avoiding sleeping on your right side. Sleeping on your left allows the natural flow of your intestines to remain uninterrupted.

Side Sleeping Positions

Although side sleeping is the most common position, there are different variations of the position.

The Fetal Position

A side sleeper might curl up into a ball with their legs folded to the chest and arms wrapped around the legs. This is commonly called the fetal position.

In earlier studies, researchers claimed that sleepers who preferred the fetal position were anxious and emotional. More recent studies, though, say that side sleepers who sleep in the fetal position are just shy in unfamiliar environments but not anxious or emotional in familiar areas. While interesting, there is no scientific evidence to prove if either conclusion is correct.

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The Log Position

Log side sleepers lay almost completely on their sides with arms extended along the body. Some studies claim this is a common position. Other studies claim that it is rare, though, because sleepers often bend one arm, which isn’t a true log position.

Although there is no concrete proof, studies suggest that log sleepers tend to be social and open with others.

We do know, though, if you sleep in this position and wake up in the same position, you are likely a deep sleeper.

The Reacher

Reacher side sleepers are also referred to as yearners. In this position, sleepers will have their arms and often their legs stretched out in front of them, as though they are reaching or yearning for something.

Studies suggest that those who sleep in the reacher position may be cynical and suspicious, but there is not enough evidence to prove this theory.

The Prayer Position

The prayer position for side sleepers involves placing your hands together under your pillow, as if in prayer, to elevate your head.

This position is associated with neck pain and may be a clue that it is time for a thicker, more supportive pillow.

The prayer position is often a temporary adjustment to your regular side sleeping variation. Once you have the right pillow, you may no longer sleep this way.

Recommended Mattresses for Side Sleepers

Your sleeping position plays a huge role in finding the perfect mattress for you.

Side sleepers need a mattress that contours to your body and provides pressure relief around your joints, like shoulders and hips, while maintaining the natural alignment of your spine.  It is ideal to have a medium to plush mattress with multiple comfort layers that contours to the curves of your body.

The best mattress for a side sleeper blends plush comfort and solid support. Look for a medium to plush mattress like our Stearns & Foster Lux Estate Hybrid.

A mattress that is too firm will put too much pressure on your joints, spine or extremities. This causes pain or numbness and interrupts your sleep cycle. A mattress that is too soft or sagging leads to shoulder, hip and back pain. Your spine, neck and hips must be properly aligned.

Pillows and Side Sleeping

Woman sleeping on Purple Premier 3 Mattress No matter how good your mattress is, the wrong pillow can ruin your sleep. Similar to your mattress, side sleepers should choose a pillow that is a balance of support and comfort.

Your side sleeping pillow should contour to your body, especially your neck. A pillow should be thick enough to match the distance between your neck and your shoulder and keep your neck naturally aligned with your spine. This will prevent pain and soreness. An extra pillow in between your neck and shoulder might provide added neck support. Side sleepers also like to cuddle a pillow against their chest.

Stearns & Foster Mattress Recommendations

Stearns & Foster LuxEstate Hybrid Mattress Styled Room According to Stearns & Foster mattress reviewers, the Stearns & Foster Lux Estate Hybrid is great for side sleeping. A medium comfort level is recommended for side sleeping, but this mattress is also available in soft or firm.

If you are looking for a top-of-the-line luxury mattress, the Stearns & Foster Reserve is hand tufted and designed with the finest materials to give you the ultimate sleeping experience. It is available in a medium-tight top or a soft, firm or duo euro-pillow top mattress.

The Stearns & Foster Studio is available in a medium tight top or medium euro top, affordable for the budget-conscious side sleeper.

Try It Out For Yourself

When it comes to picking out a new mattress, let your body decide by trying it out in person. Stop into the Mattress Express location of your choice and let a sleep specialist help you find the right side sleeping mattress for you.