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December 31, 2019

Ring in the New Year Right: Go to Bed Early!

There’s plenty of reasons to go to bed early every night, but let’s get down to why you should Especially on New Year’s Eve!

Most people anticipate the insane parties and holiday count down to the new year, but does your body? Often times we push ourselves to the brink of exhaustion by getting up early for work and then making ourselves stay awake until midnight or later. By the end of the night, we’re barely keeping our eyes open from being so tired…or because of the alcohol consumption.

Don’t put yourself through the struggle of waking up to a massive hangover and/or complete exhaustion on New Years Day.

You want to start the next decade off right, and what better way than to wake up bright and early, energized and ready to take on the next 365 days

So here are some reasons why you should hit the hay instead of hitting the booze this New Year’s Eve!

Productivity Begins at Home

Waking up early on New Years is the first step to being productive throughout the year!

By skipping the booze and excitement from the night before, your body will feel ready to take on 2020 no problem! A great reason to wake up early is not only so you have time to make a good breakfast and ENJOY it, but it gives you time to plan out your day. Whether your day consists of going for a morning jog or hitting the gym or running errands like grocery shopping, whatever it may be, you’ll feel energized and ready to take it on!

By going to bed early on New Year’s Eve to wake up early on New years Day means:

  • a healthier lifestyle and diet, for people who wake up early, tend to eat a decent breakfast
  • healthier-looking skin, because our skin looks its best after a good nights sleep and gives you more time to pamper it in the morning
  • more time for exercise, whether it be walking or taking a jog around the blog, or perhaps some soothing morning yoga.
  • You’ll be mentally fit and able to concentrate more than someone who went to bed later and woke up without a decent rest.
  • productivity levels are increased
  • keeps your “body clock” well synced
  • gives you time to reflect on things in life, from plans for the day to a situation with a friend or family member- better decisions are made when fully rested

Plus, if you go to bed early on New Years Eve, you won’t have to worry about finding someone to kiss at midnight!

young girl sitting by herself on couch during party

New Years Resolutions

Don’t be one of those people that say they’re going to do a million things in the coming year to better themselves, then forget about it.

How many times have we heard our friend or neighbor say on New Year’s Eve that they will start going to the gym or going on a diet, or being kinder in general…the whole “New Year, New Me” speel. How many of them actually stick to it? Don’t be like them this year. Actually take the time, instead of going out for New Year’s Eve, to sit down and really reflect on what you can work on to make the New Year better for you and how to better yourself.

If you do decide to step out for a little while New Year’s Eve, just keep the drinking light. Nothing worse than waking up New Years Day and not remembering what year it actually is, let alone what resolutions you probably announced! By keeping a clear head you can truly appreciate the coming and going of the past year and genuinely anticipate the new one about to appear.

If faced with the pressure of drinking more then expected, just remember, looking back it will be better to know what’s coming ahead, as in the new year, and being prepared for it, rather than waking up in a daze and unsure of what the future holds.

Start the Year Off Right

One thing for sure about going to bed early on New Year’s Eve is that you won’t start the year off wrong.

How can you when you’re fully rested and ready for day ahead? Although, there may be ONE thing that could hinder this…a bad mattress! You can do everything right on New Years Eve; not drink alot, not get too rowdy, be social and productive throughout the day and go to bed early at night, but if going to bed means sleeping on a mattress that makes you uncomfortable, that’s no way to start off a new decade. If you’re going to have a great 2020, it all starts with how you feel when you wake up every morning!

young woman stretching after waking up in bed

Here at Mattress Express, we have plenty of top brands that cater to each individual’s needs. After going out and celebrating the new decade with friends and family, you’re going to want a great bed to come home to. If productivity and energy is what you anticipate in the new year, then start today by being proactive about your sleep situation and make one of the most important investments, a new bed. You’ll go into every new year knowing you can take on whatever comes because you’re well-rested and energized.

So ring in the New Year the right way by going light on the booze, going to bed early, and waking up refreshed on a new mattress!