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December 18, 2019

How to get the Best Sleep While Traveling

Ever feel the need for catching some Extra ZZZ’s when traveling?

Vacationing, work trips, retreats, road trips, etc. are all exciting yet exhausting endeavors. And while we often go on a getaway to relieve stress or decompress, we then find ourselves even more tired or stressed when we return, needing a vacation from our vacation! Well, the good news is there are some ways to help you get a good night’s sleep and truly relax while traveling.

Tips to Snooze By:

Here are some tips and tricks on how to get the most rest during your travels!

  1. Have a Sleep Plan. If you’re going into a different time zone, a few days before you’re going to travel, start moving your bedtime by about an hour to the time zone you are heading to. Continue to add another hour and so forth the next few days before you leave. By planning ahead of time, you can help fall into a new sleep schedule. It generally takes one day per time zone for your body to adjust.
  2. Go With the Flow. Once you arrive, make sure to settle into the local time zone. For instance, if it’s going to be midday when you arrive and people are awake, try to sleep on the trip there, then stay awake for the rest of the day. If it’s getting to be late when you arrive at your destination and people are asleep, plan on staying awake during the trip, then going to bed when you arrive.
  3. Follow the 2 Day Rule. For those traveling for 2 days or less, you’re better off not changing your sleep schedule at all. By the time you’ve resynced your body to the destination’s time zone, you’ll be heading back home again!
  4. Go (or Don’t Go) Towards the Light. When flying or driving somewhere that will be morning as you arrive, make sure to wear sunglasses to help ease your body into the new day. By getting the max sunlight during the midday it helps your body clock regulate your sleep time. If arriving somewhere where it will be getting dark, try to accommodate your body clock by being near lights and noise. For example, go out to eat at a well-lit restaurant or take a walk to stay active. This will help your body stay alert until it’s time for bed.

young man wearing sunglasses and smiling while holding map on sidewalk

  1. Keep Your Body Moving. When it’s time for you to begin the day, a way to help wake your body wake up is to get moving. Take a warm shower and then do some light activity. For instance, going for a morning walk or other low-intensity exercise helps stimulate the body and increase energy levels.
  2. Keep Melatonin On You. When traveling, your body might need a little help getting the melatonin levels to rise at the right time. Melatonin is what makes you drowsy and starts your sleep cycle. It is nonprescription and you can always find it in your local pharmacy or grocery store.

The Right Hotel DOES Matter

Depending on what helps you to sleep at night, make sure you’re selecting accommodations that suit your needs.

If you’re someone who needs absolute quiet to drift off, it’s probably best to find a room away from hustle and bustle of the city, or at least a quiet street that isn’t lined with nightlife. However, for someone that thrives in loud and noisy environments and falls asleep to the sound of traffic and crowds outside, finding a room right in the heart of any active location might be the best place for you.

Of course, before booking a room, make sure to always check ratings and reviews to make sure the place you’ll be staying is one where you’ll be comfortable and relaxed. For instance, make sure the reviews tell you how comfortable or uncomfortable the beds are, or if the AC unit is loud, and if the water runs clear. You can always find what you like and don’t like about a place just by reading what others have experienced!

woman standing in front of large hotel window with her luggage bags sitting behind her

Always Come Home to a Great Mattress

Whether you’re traveling for just a few days or several weeks, it’s always extremely satisfying to be back in your own bed!

However, if you’re coming back to a bed that doesn’t give you the best sleep, then maybe you should consider investing in a new one. Here at Mattress Express, we take pride in knowing that we carry beds to meet everyone’s unique and individual criteria and we always do our best to give you the lowest price possible.

If you’re someone that wants to come home to a luxurious and plush mattress, try looking into our Posh+Lavish Ultra Plush bed. Made with the finest materials and ultra-plush pillow tops–you’re sure to drift off in its luxurious layers. For those who are more about high quality firmness, the Velika brand is known for its craftsmanship and durability! Want something that supports the natural alignment of the spine as well as cushioning your pressure points, then come to any one of our convenient locations to try one out for yourself today. With an array of choices, you’re sure to find your next best mattresses here!

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