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Warranty Information

Have a problem with a mattress? Let us help!

Thank you for contacting Mattress Express with assistance with a potential mattress warranty. First please understand that the warranty is not from Mattress Express rather the manufacturer and we are simply assisting you with the process and many cases serve as the conduit between the manufacturer and you the customer.

Make sure to include the requested photos. We need at least six photographs, although you can submit more before the end of submission of your claim. Once we receive your submission, give us some time to review and we will contact you back via e-mail.

We need the entire law tag, front and back, along with any signature – please use the optional upload box to upload more than one photograph if necessary.

Certain manufacturers require their product warranties to be handled directly through them; we will notify you if this is the case.

Every field MUST be complete and we MUST receive the pictures in the manner described or we cannot assist you.

    First Name*

    Last Name*

    Full Mailing Address: *

    Phone Number *


    What is the brand and model of the mattress: *

    What name was it purchased under *

    Approximate Purchase Date*

    Any stains, rips, tears or blemishes?*

    What seems to be going wrong with your product?*

    Please attach the the following images where noted: (2) pictures of the entire mattress, (2+) images of the problem area, and (2) images of the entirety of the law tags on the mattress. The red box is required; in the blue box you may upload additional, optional images.



    If the above information is not submitted in full we cannot help you.

    Depending on quantity of images and internet speed, this submission may take several minutes to complete. Please only click "Submit Claim" once.
    When we do receive the information we are happy to forward it to the manufacturer for their decision on your warranty.

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