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April 13, 2022

The Best Luxury Mattress

Luxury is defined as a state of great comfort and extravagance, but if you ask a group of people what luxury means to them you will get different answers. This also applies to luxury mattresses.

Each person’s needs and wants vary, therefore, which luxury mattress is best for you depends on many factors. Sleeping position, mattress type, mattress size and desired firmness level are just a few things to consider when purchasing a new mattress but when it comes to choosing a luxury mattress, premium materials, precision craftsmanship and custom-designed features are just as important.

We spend one-third of our lives sleeping, so it makes sense to think of your mattress as an investment. Each mattress company wants you to choose their mattress as the best for you but let’s try to determine what luxury mattress best fits your needs, wants and lifestyle.

What is a Luxury Mattress?

Luxury mattress brands offer advanced designs and materials that allow them to separate themselves from the crowd. A luxury mattress is made from high-end, natural materials, is precision-crafted and may have hand-crafted touches which often cost more than the synthetic, mass-produced mattresses out there.

It is important to remember that a higher price doesn’t automatically mean it’s a luxury mattress.

A luxury mattress will have thick comfort layers to mask the mechanisms and feel of the support core, which makes it taller than your average mattress, measuring over 12”.

It should feel supportive for your back but can be as plush and as comfortable as you desire. Luxury mattresses are designed to maximize support and pressure relief where you need it the most without compromising on comfort.

Your mattress also must suit your sleeping style so that the spinal column is supported and kept in a straight line all the way down from the head to the tailbone. You need a sleeping surface that will adapt to the contours of your body no matter which sleeping position you are in. A superior product should adapt to the natural shape of your body and cradle you to sleep.

A luxury mattress should isolate motion. Understanding motion isolation is a crucial part of buying a new mattress, particularly for those who share their bed with another person or a pet. Movement, such as tossing and turning or getting out of bed, can send vibrations through a mattress. If you’ve ever struggled to sleep next to someone because you moved every time they rolled over, you know how important motion isolation can be. On a mattress with excellent motion isolation, you’re unlikely to wake up when your partner climbs into bed, but a mattress with poor motion isolation may leave you wide awake due to your partner’s tossing and turning.

A luxury mattress should naturally regulate body temperature. Luxury mattresses are designed to allow air to flow through, regulating body temperature and not retaining heat. Body temperature changes during different stages of your sleep cycle, reaching its lowest levels as NREM sleep begins. This decrease in body temperature tends to promote better sleep, while higher temperatures can interrupt the sleep cycle. The materials used in comfort layers, support cores, and cover fabrics can all affect how well a mattress breathes. A lack of breathability not only can interrupt your sleep cycle but can also cause moisture build-up resulting in mold.

Luxury Technology

Given that we spend a third of every day sleeping, it’s hard to find a luxury product with a better return on investment than a mattress. Choosing the option with the right feel and features can allow you to make the most of each day with more energy, sharper focus, and less pain.

Each person is unique and there are so many variables to consider and understand in order to achieve comfortable sleep from a mattress. It must be adaptive for so many different needs.

For this reason, mattress technology has advanced so much in recent years.

Comfort and support, motion isolation, and temperature neutralizing features are all key to differentiating between a luxury mattress and just an overpriced model no matter the technology you choose.

Memory Foam

Memory foam provides comfort and support without springs. It is a viscoelastic polyurethane foam developed by NASA in 1966 to protect against impact and improve safety in aircraft seats. In the late 1990s, memory foam gained popularity in the mattress industry.

Memory foam actively contours to your body in response to heat and pressure, allowing your body weight to be evenly distributed. Memory foam returns to its original shape once pressure from your body is removed, hence its name.

You can minimize disruptions during your sleep cycle due to memory foam’s adaptive cushioning and motion isolation, enabling you to have a more restful and uninterrupted night’s sleep. The dense foam core withstands compression and absorbs movement instead of transferring it to the surrounding areas.

While users of traditional memory foam complain about how hot it can get, on the contrary, luxury memory foam mattresses add some form of cooling technology such as gel, copper, or graphite infusions. Cooling memory foam is just as pressure-relieving as traditional memory foam, it’s simply more breathable.

Although memory foam is one of the most incredible innovations in the mattress industry, that does not mean that every memory foam mattress is right for everyone. Sleep needs and preferences vary from person to person. Memory foam mattresses offer a smart alternative to a standard mattress but be sure to research your options before making a mattress purchase.

For back and stomach sleepers choose a medium to firm memory foam. Side sleepers may want a more plush memory foam but the choice is still yours, go with what feels best to you.

Our Mattress Express favorites include the Posh and Lavish Flow and our new Posh and Lavish Hybrids: the Flux or the Fusion. Stop by the Mattress Express location nearest you and our sleep specialist on duty will help you uncover if one of our luxury memory foam mattresses is the best for you.

Wellsville Memory Foam Mattress on an Adjustable Base


Hybrid mattresses represent a blend of two or three materials in one mattress while utilizing the best features of each. By combining multiple materials, the mattress created is a balance between cushioned comfort and adaptive support.

A hybrid mattress is designed to provide moderate firmness, superior support, and plush padding but not every model contains the same materials from top to bottom.

The most common hybrid mattresses use pocketed coils that are individually encased in fabric in the support core of the mattress. Pocketed coils compress individually, therefore they perform much better at motion isolation than traditional interconnected coils. They also affect the durability and the supportiveness of the mattress. Natural latex can also be used as the support core in a luxury hybrid mattress but is not quite as common.

On top of the support core, rather than flimsy pillow tops that are lumpy or flat, hybrid mattresses contain a thick, pressure-relieving comfort system that is usually made from memory foam, latex or a combination of both. The foam or latex comfort layers not only provide comfort but also help isolate motion transfer.

Choosing a hybrid mattress facilitates the decision between a few different mattress styles so you can reap all of the benefits of each.

Our Mattress Express favorites include the Posh and Lavish Flow and our new Posh and Lavish Hybrids: the Flux or the Fusion, which have no springs but provide the benefits of a natural latex support core with a memory foam comfort layer and our Eclipse Deville, which is a luxury hybrid containing pocketed coils in the support core with latex and memory foam layers in the comfort core.

Stop by the Mattress Express location nearest you and our sleep specialist on duty will help you uncover if one of our luxury hybrid mattresses is the best for you.

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Latex is another luxury material we love. In 1931, the world’s first latex mattress was introduced with many positive features. It didn’t have to be flipped, it stayed fresh, responsive, supportive, and it kept its shape. These many benefits of the latex mattress made it a huge success with consumers through the ages. A natural latex mattress is more supportive, durable, eco-friendly, and better for sleep health than a mattress made from synthetic materials.

Latex is made from the milk-like sap of a rubber tree and is the most natural mattress material out there. The sap is harvested and refined and can be tapped from the same exact tree for up to 30 years. Once the sap is harvested, it is processed into a soft, supportive, extremely durable, solid, thick foam core that can last for decades. Latex offers you support and comfort without the use of harsh chemicals.

Latex foam is known for both its comfort and support, no other materials are needed to make a quality supportive, comfortable mattress. Latex comfort foam cradles your hips and shoulders and provides pressure relief for your spine and joints while its natural elasticity maintains natural spinal alignment and lightly supports your back and neck. Both the support layer and comfort layer can all be one material. It is the most durable mattress material you can find and is known to last for over several decades. It is a very resilient material and it naturally maintains its shape year after year.

It is hypoallergenic, naturally antimicrobial and biodegradable. Natural latex foam has an open-cell structure to permit constant airflow, enhance breathability and regulate body temperature naturally.

Most manufacturers that make mattresses with natural latex also use other natural resources like cotton and wool in the mattress cover. Wool provides a temperature-controlled sleep environment that’s perfect for your body, no matter the season. In the winter, wool produces warmth and in the summer you will stay cool thanks to its natural moisture-wicking property.

This luxury mattress line is a top choice if you suffer from chronic back pain.

Natural latex has a buoyant quality that provides both surface cushion and firmness. It also cradles your body, while keeping your lower back supported. The result is a combination of pressure point relief and proper body and spinal alignment. This can lead to noticeable relief as you lie down, easing your back pain throughout the night.

Our Posh+Lavish Collection is generally considered the best-in-class luxury latex mattress. It is made from ethically sourced luxury wool, cotton, and latex. The cotton keeps moisture away from the skin, the wool insulates, while the latex provides the necessary support for comfort.

Stop by the Mattress Express location nearest you and our sleep specialist on duty will help you uncover if one of our luxury latex mattresses is the best for you.

Smart Bed By Instant Comfort Split Head Mattress Air Technology

Air, also known as number mattress technology, incorporates a modular design that allows you to manipulate the various air compartment pressures to create customized comfort specific to your needs. The air chambers are usually surrounded by memory foam for extra comfort. Most air mattresses have two independent air systems to allow couples to refine the mattress to meet your individual needs.

To ensure the mattress retains its shape, Smart Bed by Instant Comfort uses lock edge technology to ensure the air compartments do not slip or move. With over 45 different pressure combinations controlled via a smartphone app, the air technology offers a level of customization that exceeds most of the other available mattress technologies.

Smart Bed by Instant Comfort represents one of the best examples of this air chamber technology. The mattress has multiple layers, including an air chamber layer with six compartments adjusted by wired or wireless controls, a three-inch gel-infused elastic foam layer, a two-inch foam comfort layer, one-inch foam support, and a fabric layer. Each layer is replaceable so if any part of the mattress needs to be switched out for any reason, it can be.

This luxury mattress line is ideal for couples. If you want a high-quality mattress that can withstand the test of time and a solid, long-lasting relationship, look no further.

Smart Bed by Instant Comfort offers excellent motion isolation, cooling properties and solid support for differing sleep styles.

Stop by the Mattress Express location nearest you and our sleep specialist on duty will help you uncover if one of our luxury Smart Bed by Instant Comfort mattresses is the best mattress for you.

No matter what luxury mattress style you decide is best for you, you will find it at Mattress Express. Visit your nearest location today!