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Sheet Sets and Pillows that Will Rock Your Sleep

What kind of sheets are right for you?

All types of sheets work well with traditional innerspring mattresses and it’s only personal preference that matters.  If you have a memory foam mattress, you will want to keep breathability in mind when selecting an ideal sheet.

Everyone has heard of thread count and it’s common knowledge that the higher the number, the better the sheet will feel.  Well, when it comes to memory foam mattresses, this is not necessarily the case.

Memory foam mattresses in general, tend to run a bit hotter than your traditional innerspring, so breathability is more of a priority when it comes to selecting a compatible sheet.  A thread count in the 200 to 300 range is a good number to shoot for.  The more loosely woven threads than those of say, a 400 or 600 thread count will allow a greater volume of air to pass through the sheet.   The crispy percale weave is also a wise choice as it tends to have a cooler touch than a sateen or knit option.

Have you ever seen sheets marked as 1000 thread count, priced under $100? Don’t be misled by ridiculously affordable high thread count sheets.  What counts is ply.  Companies know that higher thread counts are more desirable, so they will use multi-ply thread, which is made up of shorter bits of strand, woven together.  They count the strands as individual threads, so this 1000 thread count advertised is really 250 thread count 4 ply thread.  This type of thread is much less desirable than single-ply thread with longer pieces.  The short pieces of multi-ply thread fray, wearing down and becoming rougher much more quickly than single-ply thread.  In conclusion, stick to single-ply, if you want durable sheets keep their smooth finish for years.

For true 1000+ thread count sheets, expect to pay well over $100.  Depending on the factors and methods used in the sheets production, the pricing can range from $100-$1600 for a good set of high quality sheets.

Are organic sheets your top priority?

Do you crave the cozy stretchy jersey knit?  Or perhaps you like the crisp, cool white feel of cotton bedding.   If you like wrinkle free, silky smooth sheets, you might want to go for a sateen weave.  Anther lighter, but pricier, option with high breathability are linen sheets.  In the winter, slip into some cozy flannel sheets.  Whatever your poison.

If price is not an issue, linen sheets from Malouf are worth your while.  The sumptuous fabric is meant to look casual, crumpled, with a texture that makes you want to melt.    Many consider linen to be the best fabric for sleeping comfort.  Once you go linen you may never want to go back.  It’s the best fabric for regulating body temperature, which is essential for a relaxing, uninterrupted nights sleep as you won’t be tossing and turning. Expect to pay no less than $200 for an entry level set, and around $500 for a high quality French linen set.

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