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American Bedding

Assuring the important recuperation of sleep to a broad assemblage has been our mission. Whether it be our American soldiers, college students, youth campers, or victims of natural disasters, American Bedding can be counted on. Cultivated by years of experience, American Bedding understands the need for reliability in handling the complicated logistics and specialized needs for sleep accommodations.

American Bedding Mattresses

Let American Bedding Take Care of Your Sleep Needs

American Bedding has been producing mattresses and bedding products for more than 20 years. As one of the largest manufacturers of institutional and dormitory style bedding, American Bedding has made a positive impact on small and large entities alike. It is a family owned business headquartered in Athen, Tennessee. Their mission is to provide quality comfortable mattresses and bedding products to their customers. Furthermore, all our mattresses are proudly made in the United States. If you are interested in learning more about American bedding mattresses or trying one out for yourself, give the experts at Mattress Express a visit today.

Who American Bedding Serves

American Bedding provides quality mattresses at an affordable rate. They are proud to serve their customers locally, nationally and globally. Listed below are the types of customers that typically work with American Bedding. If you have questions regarding a special circumstance, contact your mattress specialist at Mattress Express.

  • Camps
  • Disaster relief and emergency shelters
  • Healthcare facilities (hospitals, clinics, etc.)
  • Nursing homes
  • Job Corp Facilities
  • Transitional Housing
  • Military bases

American Bedding Products

American bedding carries a number of mattresses in all sizes, for all situations. Whether you want to outfit a campsite, a new shelter or a dormitory, you will be able to find the mattresses that you need at an affordable price. Many American Bedding mattresses are bedbug proof, waterproof and easy to clean. To learn more about the American Bedding mattresses that we carry at Mattress Express, give us a call or visit. Below you will find more detailed information about their most popular mattresses.

Dormitory Innerspring Mattresses

The Dormitory Innerspring mattress gives you the traditional feel of an innerspring mattress at an affordable price. This mattress is bedbug and waterproof. Additionally, is comes equipped with a durable, long lasting, steel spring core. Furthermore, its is easily wiped clean.

Regal Dorm Mattresses

The Regal Dorm Mattress is bedbug proof and waterproof. It is also a quilted mattress that comes equipped with a damask cushion top as well as multiple layers of added support. It has a strong innerspring core and is double sided.

Hospitality Mattresses

According to STR global, there are 187,000 hotels in the world with more than 17 million individual rooms. American Bedding is one of the largest suppliers of hospitality mattresses. They are available in many sizes. Each mattress is designed with comfort and durability in mind. Don’t allow your brand to suffer due to bad bedding. Give your customer the American Bedding experience. Each mattress is bed bug proof and easy to clean. Listed below are the four most popular models of their hospitality mattresses.

  • Ameri-pedic: This is a ultra plush and luxurious memory foam mattress and designed to give your customers a comfortable night’s sleep. They cradle your body and offer much needed spinal and back support. Additionally, memory foam mattresses are known for their ability to help the body recover from vigorous exercise.
  • Chirocare: The Chirocare mattress is a lavishly plush pillow top, innerspring mattress. It comes with padded spring support and multiple layers of ultra-soft foam.
  • Regal Splendor: This mattress is a combination of durability and comfort. It is adorned with a quilted damask cushion top. Additionally, it offers a well built innerspring core.
  • Innsbrook: This mattress is known to be durable as well as comfortable. It has multiple layers of supportive foam with a plush quilted foam top. Additionally, there is a encased coil system that offer just the right amount of back support. The Innsbrook contours to your body and helps with spine alignment.

How to Find a Mattress that Fits Your Needs

Finding a mattress that fits your commercial needs can be difficult. It is important to strike the right balance between comfort and cost. Additionally, bedbug proof and waterproof mattresses that are easy to clean are ideal for any hospitality or dormitory situation. The first step in finding the right mattress company is conducting your research and asking questions. After you have narrowed down your choices, it is important to go to a reputable mattress store and try to lay on the product yourself. This is to ensure that both you and your customers will be satisfied with the mattresses that you choose.

Choosing Mattress Express

Mattress Express is the premiere mattress store in New York. When you visit us, you will receive personalized service from our staff of mattress experts. We have the biggest selection of mattress brands to include American Bedding. You do not have to take our word for it, check out our reviews online and see what our customers are saying. We provide our customers impeccable service, unrivaled knowledge and unbeatable prices. Additionally, we offer easy financing for all credit situations. Give the sleep experts at Mattress Express a visit to learn more about the American Bedding Mattresses that we carry.


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